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   ・The Three Awards of the JPC for this year were determined and announced at the end of Feburary, 2015.
     The Award Ceremony was held on April 11th at the 21 KOMCEE hall of the Tokyo Univ.,
     Komaba campus. The three winners are:

      The Japan Poets Club Award: 'An Angle' by Sankichi Shibata
      The 25th Japan Poets Club Debut Award: 'The Illusion of Existance' by Noriko Ishioroshi
      The 15th Japan Poets Club Studies Award: 'Paul Celan & Yoshiroh Ishihara' by Etsuko Tomioka

   ・The regional assembly of the Japan Poets Club in Yamanashi Pref. had finished on a great note on May

   ・The general meeting was held on June 13th and the President, the Director General and 14 directors were
     newly designated along with two auditors and an overseas member, Dr. Edward Baugh in Jamaica.

   ・'The Anthology 2015 of members: vol.37' is published and is now on sale.
   ・The Japan Poets Club inc. has renewed its Homepage at the end of August, 2015. It newly added English

   ・On the International Day, October 10th, the Japan Poets Club Inc. co-organized "The International
    Exchange with Spain 2015" with Instituto Cervantes de Tokio and Turkish Airlines welcoming Mr.
    Pedro Enriquez from Granada, Spain. The event was held at the hall of Instituto Cervantes featuring on
    the lecture by Mr. Pedor Enriquez and flamenco by Ms. Mayumi Kagita and her group.

 News and Events
   ・Japan Poets Club Award and Japan Poets Club Debut Award for the most valuable poetry collections
    published in 2015 by the Expert and the Rookie of the year were decided at the third meeting of the
    selection committee on February 21st, 2016 as below.
The 49th Japan Poets Club Award: 'Thus... (Sono-youni-shite)' by Tsuguo Hayashi
 The 26th Japan Poets Club Debut Award:'The Seventh Ore (Nanabanme no Kohseki)'
                           by Ayako Satsuki

The 16th Japan Poets Club Studies Award: No applicable person
    The Awards Celemony was held on April 9th at the University of Tokyo, Komaba.
   ・The 20th Kansai (Western District) Poetry Meeting was organized and held on May 14th at Hotel
    Awina Osaka. The title of main lecture by Kiyoe Kawazu was "Toward a Hope Called as 'Poetry'".

   ・We had The 67th General Meeting on June 11th as you can see on the same page of events as the next

   ・The 18th biannual 'Poetry, Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition' (the second article on the link page)
    of the Japan Poets Club Inc. was successful which was held from the 20th to 25th of June at the
    Chikyu-Do Gallery, Ginza. The Poetry reading by participants and a lecture celebrated this event
    on the last day of its duration.

   ・At the July Regular Meeting on the 9th, we listened to the lecture by Kenji Fukuma entitled 'How to
    Think of Poetry Now'. At the September Meeting (the second article on the link page) on the 10th,
    we had Ayako Satsuki, the JPC Debut Award winner, and Masaaki Seto. And we listened to the
    speeches 'Until I awake' and 'Sakutaro and Music, or Poetry as Music' respectively.
   ・The Meeting on the second Saturday of October is our International Day every year(see second article
    on the link page)
. We welcomed Mr. Den Gen this year who writes poetry not only in his mother
    language, Chinese, but also in Japanese. We appreciated his lecture which covered the pleasures and
    dificulties while facing and tackling poetry and language from a global perspective including Japan,
    China, UK, Korea, and so on.
   ・The November Meeting (the second article on the link page) in 2016 was held on 12th at the Hall
    of No. 18Bldg. of Tokyo Univ., Komaba as usual. The lecturer Mikio Yagi gave us a speech
    with implied meaning entitled 'What I learned from Junzaburoh Nishiwaki. Mrs. Unita
    Sacchidanand from Delhi also participated as she was luckily in Japan.
   ・The Year End Party was held on December 3rd at the open space on the 4F of No. 18 Bldg.
    Before that gathering , we enjoyed the Symposium by editors of periodical poetry magazines.
    Panelists were Mamoru Kikuta, Sonomi Mochizuki, Yoh Okazaki, and Mitsugu Chigi who
    took the part of MC as a director of JPC.

   ・Annual New Year Party was held on January 9th at the lounge of Campus Plaza Bldg. of Tokyo Univ.,
    Komaba, followed by Year End Gathering along with the last monthly regular meeting in 2015, which
    was held one month earlier on December 5th. The lecturer was Ms. Aki Sagawa who was rewarded
    at the Changwon KC International Poetry Festival with her recent publication titled 'Learning from
    Korean poet Daljin Kim's (
金達鎮)poetry spirit '.
   ・The February and The March Meetings were held respectably on February 13th and on March 12th
    as the start of the monthly meetings for this year. The lecturer of the former one was Fujio Nakamura
    on "the late Takashi Tsujii's poetry and poetry imagination, and Makoto Isshiki gave us the lecture
    titled "Our 1960s--
Portraits of Poets in Their Youth" in
the latter meeting.
   ・The fourth Poetry School was held on January 23rd and the fifth on February 27th, following the first,
    the second and the third last year. The sixth Poetry School was the last in this term held on March
    12th which we welcomed Ken Niinobe as a short lecturer and reviewer, and President K. Takeshi as
    our school master.
   ・The new semester of Poetry School in 2016-17 was opened and the first (see the second article on the
    link page) was held on July 23rd welcoming Eiji Kuroha as the lecturer and our President as the
    school master.
    The lecture entitled 'Learning from our Precursors' based on his experiences was very interesting.
    This was followed to the fifth in November in 2016 and the sixth as the last of semester in January,
    2017 as below.
    The second: 'How to Compose Poems'by Takashi Sakuma onAugust 27th
    The third: 'Poetry and Poets' by Hiroshi Mita on September 24th
    The fourth: 'Reviewing of participants' poems' and 'a talk about 'What is poetic spirit?' by Yukiko
         Kuroha on October 22nd
    The fifth: 'What is poetry?---Yasushi Inoue and other poets' by Senji Setoguchi on November 26th
    The sixth: 'Joint Review of Participants Poems' and 'a talk' by Hisako Nakai on January 28th
         This time was the end of the semester, and so President attended and gave his speech.

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