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  Updated: August 14, 2017
  News and Events
   ・The Japan Poets Club Award, The Japan Poets Club Debut Award, The Japan Poets Club Studies Award
   and its Special Award published in 2016 were decided at the final meeting of the selection committee on
   February 19th, 2017 as below.
The 50th Japan Poets Club Award: 'Give Us Horses(Uma-a Dase-i)' by Takao Oka
 The 27th Japan Poets Club Debut Award: 'Cathedral at Night (Yoru no Seidou)' by Sanae Kusano
The 17th Japan Poets Club Studies Award: 'The Formation of Japanese Modern Poetry' by Shunsuke Kamei'
The 17th Japan Poets Club Studies Special Award: 'Poets I Have Encounted' by Shigeru Shimizu

The Awards Celemony was held on April 8th at Japan Publishers Club at Kagura-zaka

   ・The Japan Poets Club set up the New Voice Award to spot talented fresh poets broadly. And 155 applicants
   entered before the end of Feburuary. As a result, the committee selected one highest and four outstanding awards,
   which were introduced on our homepage. (click here)

   ・The biannual regional meeting for this year, "The Japan Poets Club Kagoshima 2017" was held in far
   southern prefecture on May 13th at the Hotel Palace In Kagoshima in the center of the city.
   More than 100 participants gathered, many coming all the way from even far areas and enjoyed distinctive
   characteristic programs to Kagoshima including comic skit in Kagoshima dialect at the party where President and
   D. G. were useed as characters on the stage along with a direct descendant of Takamori Saigoh, one of the
   leading figures of the Meiji Restoration
   Main programs were the poetry readings by prize winners of this year (the first part) and the presentation "Kenji
   Miyazawa--Person, Poetry and Music" by a couple of consanguineous family (the second part), and the three-
   -person-conversation titled "Blood of Great Poet, Blood of Great Restoration" by Kazuki Miyazawa, Takao
   Saigoh and he organizar of this event, Osamu Takaoka.
   On the following day, we visited Chiran Peace Museum and the southernmost point of Satsuma Peninsula
   where we surveyed the beautiful silhouette of the active volcano Kaimon-dake by sightseeing buses.
   Chiran Peace Museum exhibits many articles and portfolios left by the deceased soldiers called Tokkoh pilots
   of the special attack forces who fought for Japan during the final moments of WWII. The last battle took place
   in Okinawa and each soldier made a sortie for a suicide mission, wishing that Japan would be peaceful for ever.


   ・Annual New Year Party was amiably held on January 7th at the lounge of Campus Plaza Bldg. of Tokyo
   Univ., Komaba.

   ・The February and The March Meetings were held respectably on February 11th and on March 11th as the
   start of the monthly meetings for this year. It is a pity that the lecturer for the February Meeting, M. Takayanagi
   couldn't come because of the influenza but we could share his poetical theory by reading some parts of his recent
   book along with President's lecture about his . In The March Meeting, we welcomed Harumi Kawaguchi and
   listened to her attractive lecture titled "3.11 and its poetry, and sub culture" refering to the Great East Japan
   Earthquake and its social phenomenon in 2011.
The General Meeting was held at the new venu, Itabashi Green Hall. 11 longtime members were announced and
   the proposed 18 new trustees were approved and designated replacing the previous with the end of the term.
   ・The July Meeting was for lectures by the new President Kawanago and the new Director General Nagao as the
   start after taking office.. Theme of their lectures were "Poetry of the Mountain, Poetry of the Hometown" for
   the President, and "About the foundation and beginning of The Japan Poets Club " for the D. G.

  Upcoming Activities
   ・The September Regular Meeting is being planned on the 9th from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Liberty Hall of Waseda
   Hoshien. The lecturers will be Takashi Oka, the Japan Poets Club winner and Shegeru Shimizu, the Japan
   Poets Club Studies Special Award winner.

   ・"The International Exchange Finland 2017" will be held on October 14th at Japan Publishers Club.
   Participants will enjoy a variety of programs, apreciating Kai Nieminen's poetry world.

   ・The Poetry School will be open for this year on October 28th. As the first time, President Kawanago will
   give the first lecture "About Composing Poems".

      Number of members of the JPC as of November, 2016:  Regular Members 844/Affiliates 65/ Total 909

     The Japan Poets Club inc. has renewed its Homepage in Jun, 2015. It newly added English pages.
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