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 Words from our New President  

On the President Assumption of Office

Dated July 1st, 2017 
Yoshikatsu, Kawanago 

 Because of the repeated battles and disturbances in the world, and the disasters that attack one after another, we are frightened with anxiety and our heart continue to ache day in and day out.
 Advancement of technology such as information transmission is spread abroad, while the words are treated roughly and wear down. Either situation reflects the
  devastation of the minds of the people
and the distortions of society.
 At such times, those involved in language are tested on how to live and how to work. Each poet has a duty to explore the new possibility, closing in on the reality with imagination, where the truth becomes reality.
 The Japan Poets Club Inc. has advocated "wayo-yuai-(peace and friendship)" as its spirit, thus we would like to make efforts to provide the ground where such poets with the same goal meet together and unite with each other.
 I want to fulfill a modest contribution on a one-by-one basis, as we welcome new young souls, responding to their spirit while keeping close to the hopes of long-cherished hearts. We would like to prepare as many opportunities as possible, where members can feel fullness and sense of life in various events and meetings, and in the magazines.
 When the Japan Poet Club Inc. comes to a turning point, a new board of directors started to take office. Although we have some problems to solve, we would like to take it as a good opportunity for a new step, and we hope that we all could be helpful and useful to you in and out of the Club.

Best regards.

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